Extend Credit to Heroes – now and later

by | Apr 17, 2020

I tip my cap to Google’s recent memes and video posts asking viewers to say “THANKS” to first-responders, teachers and unsung silent heroes.

Credit others where and when credit is due, fer sure!  These thankful measures of our communal trust extend acutely to thousands of medical professionals who are now afflicted because of their CoVID duty before self.

Recent acts of gratitude by so many known and unknown responders, servants, and servers are heartwarming. “Long may they wave.”

A few years back, I was asked about my response to folks who said: “thank you for your military service.”  My response was a reflection of how others’ gratitude felt to me, and how fortunate I was to live and share my experiences.

Through these daunting days,  I hope to share good news when I see or hear it. John Krasinski has a slightly bigger following than I currently do, so I recommend his youtube channel “Some Good News” for your viewing. If your kids or grandkids are justifiably bummed for missing a Spring Prom – just leave it to Saturday Night Live to help you make your best of it #SGNprom. Be formal tonight (4/17) at 5 pm pst for your Virtual Prom!

More good news! Most of us locked-down folks can still find ways to make our communities tighter and stronger for long and winding roads.

Today’s WSJ offered many ways to chip in, even if and when you and I are homebound.  Tomorrow, I get “vampire liberty” as we used to call blood-donor efforts in military days.

I can give back part of my $1200.00 “stimulus” deposit from Uncle Sam and Donald – which came to my bank account on our usual Tax Day.  Now, that is a sign of interesting times. Yes, I can.

And more good news… Disruption triggers innovation in some many ways – from rapid vaccine development to production line changeouts for hand sanitizer, to clothing providers sewing facial masks.  To America’s innovators; “Thank you, too, for your service.”

And… many teachers are learning new skills as they lead our “Generation C” students in online learning.

And how about preachers and reverends?  Now, many of their reverent resumes can show a “minor” in Information Technology after leading virtual congregations.

As John Krasinski, SNL, and The Capitol Steps [extending their 3-decades of deMOCKracy] and others help us remember, there IS Good News in grumpy days. Good news as we take a moment and think around and beyond this fine kettle of fish we find ourselves in.

Be well, and extend Credit where Credit is definitely DUE.


ps – If you’d like to take a break from NETFLIX binges – enjoy “You Bet Your Life” highlights of Groucho Marx.


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