Red Light, Blue Light

by | Sep 5, 2020

Hues – like reds and blues – can be funny “things.” Perhaps you know a funny person named Hugh, yet today’s post is about wavelengths we can see and virtuous associations developed over centuries. If I added mellow YELLOW Light to the blog title, you’d have ALL our Primary colors to consider. I’m glad that state primaries are over in this crazy election year, yet I want PRIMARY COLORS to be on my plenteous plates of Vitamin P(lant) for many years to come.

And I hope that we can ardently avert self-saboteur behavior as we go!

I find it amusing that a color – like a warm red or a cool blue – impacts a person as it does.

I’m a rube in metaphysics, traditional healing, and biblical symbolisms. Here’s what I think I know…colors are associated with CHAKRAs in eastern meditation, Christian virtues [or lack thereof for BLACK as the absence of color wavelength.] Reiki treatments may enable colors associated with energy, “don’t be misled into thinking that colours are unimportant.” I’m not misled…”It is commonly asserted that human beings have five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. We use these senses to learn about, and navigate in, the world.” Let’s sense what “R O Y G I V B

can mean to KABOOMERS in contexts of wellness and fitness:

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 7.55.08 PM.png
Chakras . . . Christian Virtues. . .Deadly Sins or Vices


Many of us boomers watched GILLIGAN’s ISLAND on our family little B&W television sets in yesteryears. You may recall that this show’s main characters may (or may not ) symbolize seven distractions of life (that far right column in the Table above). Gilligan’s creator,Sherwood Schwartz, reportedly admitted to its intended symbolism. I love what an NPR articles offers as life’s metaphor. And this is a key point of our Red Light, Blue Light “column”…

“each of us has our own inner Gilligan, that sweet-natured, well-meaning part of us that always sabotages us from getting what we really want. Maybe if we truly want to succeed in life, we need to kill our own inner Gilligan.” KABOOM.

My rather puritanical and wannabe-hippie Dad used to remind me that the road to Hades is paved with good intentions. KABOOM redux. The centered column in the Table above has meaning for me, as I hope it does for you…

Have purpose and faith in your ability and capability. Trust your knowledge gained to live well and eat clean (circling back to Vitamin P(lant)). Make good choices, and be accountable for your actions. Finally, build your Individual WORTH in that “7S” physical bank account without letting STRESS steal or sabotage occur.

Conscious, senseless SABOTAGE? NOT ON MY WATCH!

If you follow my drift, I’m making a KABOOMER kase for succeeding in our journeys, our idyllics quests, to party past ninety. Yup – stamininety shouldn’t be sabotaged by our sweet inner selves.

You know what can happen if we let it: it’s pretty hot today, I think I’ll skip my workout

Don’t let good intentions way-lay you on your journey. Stay the course, and perhaps get off that devilish isle of temptation to live longer and better. We don’t know, as DH Lawrence penned, where our stamininety journey will take us, or how lengthy a journey it will ultimately be. Yet, be adventurous, stay kid-like and do what Blue Zone folks do.

Man is a thought-adventurer.
Man is a great venture in consciousness.
Where the venture started, and where it will end, nobody knows.                                        

–  Lawrence, D H, Books.

My favorite color? Fair query… a cool and settling Sailor BLUE.

Be successful Navigators. And away we purposefully go.



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