Unofficial Summer Start-ups – STRETCH over Memorial Day

Let’s think for a moment about your summer plans as you continue to sweat six days a week – in and around your travel, social and professional commitments.

And with that daily sweat is a mandate to properly STRETCH.  

Our Internet certainly offers many suggestions and how-to videos for performance stretching. One weblink  that I share is :

And as always, dear Well Past Forty athletes – research to make your own informed decisions. As an example – check out:

I’ll quote fellow Vermonter Doug Dupont from this link: “As it stands, I suggest athletes should focus solely on dynamic stretching, which may have both warming effects and extended performance-improving effects. I still like passive stretching for sleep, and I think its full day weakening effects might be overstated a bit in the second study. However, it may be wise to keep your passive stretching to a minimum, using it sparingly to assist with sleep at night and when there is no complex workout the next day.”

Thanks Doug.

I’m fortunate to have used the dynamic stretches led Olympic rowers. They advocate dynamic stretching as well – before and after your workouts.

And don’t forget your foam roller! and many other references…

Make your summer stretches good ones!




About defpersonaltrainer

Elite Masters rower, Master Fitness trainer, a Baby KaBoomer whom advocates wellness through toe-to-temple activities like a sport well-oared.
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