Flu(s) season is approaching

Whether or not you opt for a flu shot this fall is certainly your call.


My MD advised that my age and a prior bout with “atypical” mycoplasma pneumonia were indicators of benefits outweighing my potential downsides.  I agree.

  • Sure – the advance work by researchers to guess this year’s flu is a calculated gamble. I’m willing to take that chance.
  • Sure, one report suggests that I have only a 60% chance of averting a flu this winter (with the vaccine).

Here is what Business Insider reports about our 2017 flu vaccines and “WHY?!”:


If you opt to get that bee-sting in your upper arm, please don’t tarry too long.  Some individuals may need ~ 4 weeks to build up anti-flu defenses before the peak season (NOV-FEB) hits us.

flu vaccine shot Oct 2017.png

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