No Humbug as FY (Fitness Year) 2017 closes

by | Nov 27, 2017

Humbug! Ebenezer Scrooge wasn’t a Well Past Forty follower, nor was he very fit, according to author Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol. His mental well-being took a turn for the better by story’s end, so all was not lost for good ‘ol Ebenezer.

As our Queen’s English often does, varied meanings of a word like HUMBUG exist. To some Brits, humbug is a peppermint candy.  To others around our crazy world, a humbug is a person who is an imposter.

To this scribe, an definition of humbug [NONSENSE] is fitting for several reasons at this time of our FY (Fitness Year).

It makes little sense to worry about a good party’s impact on your regimen, as long as some key trimmings are moderated.

It makes little sense to party hearty until New Year’s Day, then think a New Year’s Resolution will overcome excesses and stick for the long-haul.

It seems like nonsense to ignore good counsel for: portion control, watching alcoholic intake and skipping good carbs (high fiber, low glycemic indices) through the holidays.


What isn’t nonsense?

  1. A paradox of depression at the “most wonderful time of the year” for too many folks.
  2. Coincidence of influenza season with our Holidays
  3. For some, a tendency to over-train, then suffer after-effects
  4. Under-hydration with good old H2O
  5.  Stressing over a missed sale item, or a Christmas card which didn’t get sent

What makes good sense?

  1. Listening to your body
  2. Eating slowly, and going for the greens on offered plates
  3. Monitoring your resting heart rate, and taking appropriate actions
  4. Fending off holiday hustle and bustle. Don’t let Cortisol become a big player in your festivities
  5. Celebrating advances in your wellness journey to put life in your years and add years to your life.

NO Humbug.

Yes – there are online resources to help you stay the course and to stay sensible without being a HUMBUG.  Try pop sugar, or plan your December fitness, or perhaps  add a stay-the-course strategy. 







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