Weekend words from the “Austrian Oak”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator and ex–Golden State governor, recently offered thoughts about youth, diet, and exercise imperatives.

Regarding his “see food” diet of earlier days, the Terminator offered that, “young get away with a lot of things.”


Heart surgery and added years (he is a leading-edge KaBoomer at age 72), are factors in his reflective and active efforts to remain healthy.

He doesn’t lift as “heavy” as he did when in body-building prime or movies.  Yet he lifts regularly.

He focuses more on plant-based nutrition.

And, he maintains hus unique joie de vivre.

Kudos, Terminator!  Check this MAXIM interview with Arnold if you resonate with his approach.

EAt clean, move heavy stuff regularly, and keep your sense of humor.  You’ll “be back.”



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