I don’t know what percentage of KABOOMERs are ancient history buffs. Without date-checking, I’d guess that my title line is about twenty-five centuries-old; a “300” from the Greco-Persian wars and specifically citing King Leonidas of Sparta’s city-state.

A rather violent, yet epic, movie was released 15 years ago about Spartan studliness (in both genders) and the Battle of Thermopylae.  Three hundred (300) Spartans – at least according to legend – defended a Grecian mountain pass for days despite daunting odds in the form of Xerxes’ Persian armies. A lone survivor escaped and told of the loss of 299 Spartans who were snuffed out in their youth.

Yet they were stoic examples of motion as medicine and resistance training and mind-body alignment for the same 4-Fs which are in our modern makeup.  Spartans knew their odds of survival in ancient life. Now, we have a fairly good sense of our survival without hand-to-hand combat. Yet mortality factors of environmental pollution, pandemics, and poor lifestyles adversely impact our fighting odds.

  • Then, overwhelming numbers challenged Spartans. Persian “storm” troopers took down Leonidas and his men.
  • Today, CoVid challenges Americans to fight tiny microbes with the best immunity factors we can muster.
    • Get daily sunlight, restorative sleep, exercise, chill rather than stress. Eat clean and laugh.

A quarter-million Americans have lost their battles. Vaccines, as technological advances may help stem this SARS invader tide. Until miracle vaccines get to us to recede the tides – we should rely on our Respect and Honor as Leonidas’ Spartans did.

Respect prudent practices, such as hand-washing and mask-wearing, and avoiding Darwinian follies for gathered masses.

Honor leaders’ rules, regardless of their temporary personal weight. Despite Covid “battle” fatigue, DO NOT:

eat emotionally, have just one more nightcap, or let down your guard.

With respect and honor,

Koach Dave

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MOVEMBER and Diabetes Awareness Month

The time she flies, even in lockdown Pandemic periods like this.
But first - think about those Millions of Military Veterans - 
past, present and future, who help make America what it is ->
 The Land of the Free guarded by our BRAVE!

November is a fine month for Health Awareness and personal action steps.
 Here are three salient topics for your awareness and actions:

1. MOVEMBER. Did you know that 60 (SIXTY!) men commit Suicide every hour in our zany world?
Or - how about our Prostate Health?


3. a HIGH PRIORITY focus for us Medicare-aged folks - National DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH.

I chose DIABETES and PRE-DIABETES as the Physical Banking Note for KABOOMER this month.

 The cost and suffering of TENS of MILLIONS of Adult Americans with pre-diabetes 
(often un-diagnosed) or Type 2 Diabetes.
Do read my November Note - if you please.  
A one-minute Quiz may change your outlook, and your Life!
Why your Koach's big Push?
Here's the Ratio Why:

1 in 3 US adults has prediabetes

 and is at high risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

How about you?

Join the KABOOMER Movement to learn more about averting and/or managing DIABETES.

Be Well and safe, these days and every day - VACCINE or NOT

Koach Dave

Relish Roller-coaster Rides

Okay, that title may not be your amusement park thrill – at first blush.  Bear with me as I encourage you to strap in, tighten your core, and experience natural “Gs” rather than political gravity.

Wait, wait, for some entertaining Highs and Lows on this wild ride. Those are a classic Lirty Dies parody from the Capitol Steps,

“We’ve seen the lies, we’ve seen the hoes.

We’ve always said, butt could be wetter?”

What Could be Better?

If you are like me, you’ve already seen, heard, and read about de-stressing and chilling hacks to get through uncertain times like these.  Without being flippant, I start my Roller Coaster amusement ride with an acknowledgment that little besides gravity, mortality, and taxes are inevitable.  Taxes may rise in 2021, yet we’ll evitably dodge mortality with consistent habitual actions that boost our physical bank accounts. And earthly gravity keeps all but astronauts grounded!

Let’s review habitual hacks to resurrect kid-like delight over pleasures like a blue sky or crimson twilight. Perhaps walking in bare feet in the long, cool grass. Now, that’s a fine way to get grounded, literally. Or spinning around until you get dizzy, or drawing a silly cartoon or face painting.  And definitely try to chuckle till you buckle, even when skies are grey for the communal betterment of compadres and you too…

How? Here are some exemplars of how to enjoy those cyclical lies and hoes:

  1. When Snoopy wasn’t winning his dogfight with the Red Baron, he was victoriously laughing in the face of adversity:

Credit pinterest

2. Ricky Gervais tweeted a similar theme in 2018,

“If you can laugh in the face of adversity, you’re bullet-proof. Have a great day.”

And 3. A young Lion King offered a similar stance when he faced Disneyan adversity. Simba wasn’t quite ready to expertly gain control, yet you gotta like his moxie!

laugh in face of danger

Credit Giphy

Plus, Simba had compadres who offered him Hakuna Mutata* – as a Swahili phrase of relevance!

  • Win with Humor.
  • Be Bullet-proof.
  • Sidestep Troubles mindfully.

“*There are No Troubles”

Writer Jason Zwieg addressed control, doubt, and troubled decision-making in today’s Wall Street Journal:

“You should also ask yourself whether some of your own certainties about investing might be just as wrong… Impetuous decisions won’t give you control.”

Zwieg wasn’t describing KABOOMER life choices directly.

Yet circumstantially his offering has merit to us who thrive and strive in bad times and good.

Let’s check our own “certainties” about our physical bank account investments.

Are we certain that Stress isn’t Stealing?

And let’s revisit the interesting adjective “impetuous” that Zwieg used…

  • acting or done quickly and without thought or care
  • moving forcefully or rapidly.

Noting that impetuous is not impulsive, I really like the secondary meaning of forceful and rapid movement – just like a roller coaster ride!

There are surely things we can’t control – in election weeks or on roller coasters.  Yet… there is still plenty we can address and control!


Self-check your certainties – might they be off the mark?

Seek out your Compadres and sing Swahili.

Generate forceful Motion as Medicine.

Be kid-like and scream, P R N (as necessary).

Do not let Stress Steal from your hard-earned physical bank!

As Ricky Gervais tweeted, have a great day!

Stay well past forty,

Koach Dave

How ‘Bout them Apples?

We just returned from an Apple Hill visit with bags of “local” organic apples. I found a new snacking favorite – the Arkansas Black treat!

Them Apples 😊 got me thinking and blogging about the health and wellness benefits of these symbolic and tasty fruits.

Sure, you might have an occasional “bad apple”,

or tried to make sense of “Apples and Oranges”, but

You likely remember from your yesterdays, a rhyme like this:

    “Eat an apple on going to bed and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.”

As a wellness coach, I resonate with both that rhyme and this JAMA research finding:

“The small fraction of US adults who eat an apple a day do appear to use fewer prescription medications.”

Woot! As you may have read in KABOOMER, I advocate natural alternatives to POLYPHARMACY [which is taking of two or more medicines over time] when possible.

I hope that you might be as alarmed as I am, IF AARP studies are valid which suggests that most Medicare-aged folks are polypharmacy users.

“over 80 percent take at least two prescription drugs and over 50 percent take four or more.

African American and low-income individuals tend to take more medications.” 

How ‘Bout them Apples?

I contend that even a few percent higher Avoidance of Service makes an out-sized difference in Medicare bills, as suggested by this JAMA graph:


Credit: JAMA Intern Med. 2015 May 1; 175(5): 777–783.

  • Who doesn’t want to keep a doctor away- unless you’re romantically linked to one?
  • Who doesn’t want to skip a trip to the pharmacy for prescription medications?

One might wonder why only 1 in 10 Americans eat apples. I am sure that the American Apple Association does!

I know that the AARP health lobby does too!

My own wonderment is founded on the bounteous Health Benefits of Apples as shared here:

 It is sad yet true that higher “GI” variants like Applesauce and Apple juice have higher usage among Americans.

  • Can we spell Insulin insensitivities? Or Diabetes?

Sure, Adam and Eve had a little issue over one garden’s forbidden fruit.
Credit: Giphy

And Sleeping Beauty fell victim (temporarily) to that evil Witch’s forbidden fruit.

And, if you ate way too many apple cores with their seeds, you might consume too much cyanide.


Let’s shift over to the much more interesting and modern plusses of An Apple a Day:

A medium-sized apple of almost any variety is:

  1. Low calorie
  2. Fairly cheap (~$2.00 per pound)
  3. Low glycemic index (GI),
  4. Good source for healthy soluble fiber,
  5. Wonderful source of micro-nutrients and phytonutrients/antioxidants like Vitamin C /polyphenols, and
  6. 75 percent of your 2-cup minimum daily requirement for fruit.


Ergo, depending on the individual – an apple eater “may” be very good for one’s:

√ Weight Loss

√ Heart Health and Bone Density (Antioxidants and polyphenol effects)

√ Insulin Sensitivity

√ Lower blood pressure – possibly negating the prescription for statins

  • Apples vs. Statins?

√ Prebiotic effects for Gut Health (don’t forget time-tested merits of organic Apple Cider Vinegar)

√ Reduced Stroke Risk

√ Lowered Risk for some Cancers

√ Lowered risks for age-related mental decline.
What if rodent results correlated to human results? “Researchers who fed elderly rats whole apples found that a marker of the rats’ memory was restored to the level of younger rats.”

Fall for This!

Autumn is a fine season for crisp, whole fruit apple consumption.

That is a shout-out to the MINORITY of Adults who chase brain and body immortality (and/or love) with apples yet without serpents or witches present.

As a safety closer, even organic apples may have collected pesticides on their skin.  As Apple Skins have a goodly percentage of the apple’s fiber and phytonutrients,

=> Please soak your apples in a baking soda-water mix, as just rubbing, or washing ‘em in water doesn’t dispatch those pesticides.

Credit: Giphy

Be well, and munch away!

Koach Dave


Pleasure, Pain…Emotion, Logic

I hope that Judge Judy had a nice birthday yesterday!  I’ve never watched her show, yet her followers number more than mine :).  Her calendar years “DQ” her from being a bonafide KABOOMER, as she is now 78, like a former VP that is in the limelight these days.  So, today is Day # 296 of 2020 AD, with a mere 10 weeks to go until this abnormal leap year is over. In the traditional Chinese Zodiac, 2020 is the                     Year of the Rat…Hmmm.If my calculator is accurate, 1/12th or about 8% of our world population had this abnormal, unlucky year if tradition is correct. Note to self, try wearing red underpinnings in my unlucky year ?!

We sorta know that bodily or mental PAIN is a penalty, while Pleasure is a “windfall” gain.  Isn’t life a bit strange in this regard, as for Rat Year fortunes, that humans tend to AVOID PAIN as opposed to seeking PLEASURABLE GAIN?

So here is a KABOOMER KOACH and blogger (born in a Year of the Snake, incidentally) who is bucking human nature…

And, I implore you to seek pleasure and gain in childlike ways of rather than avoiding pain, senescence, and sarcopenia as losses.

I commend to you THE ATHLETES WAY by Christopher Bergland who eloquently writes about his personal “BIOLOGY OF BLISS.”  If you don’t have time to read THE ATHLETE’s WAY, – SPOILER ALERT!  A big element in his generated BLISS is S W E A T. Yup!

Part of a KABOOMERs success is attributed to control of things that are controllable while coping as best as possible with factors that are beyond her or his control or influence. Here we are, a fortnight before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in an election year. Some of my family members and clients are bummed, to state the least, about matters that are uncontrollably UNblissful. I do sense and feel some of their angst and pain.  And I am parenthetically rooting (not voting often) for my Sister who is running for Vermont’s lone Congressional seat.  Go, Girl! I celebrate her extraness as a real underdog.

What am I doing in a quixotic quest for bliss?

Credit: Giphy.com

I hum, laugh often, and skip current screen versions of “News” unless Ron Burgundy or a SaturdayNight Live actor is the anchor, that is. I’ll listen to the Capitol Steps rather than talking heads on Sunday mornings. Here’s a MOCK in Democracy listen fer ‘ya…

I move to Sweat 6 days a week.  Ahhh, that’s a pleasure for me!

I draw a warm bath with Epsom salts to let cares drift away. More pleasure and gain!

I walk in the grass – barefoot. I soak in my 20 minutes of el sol for my critical Vitamin D as a healthy immunity booster.

I truly take steps to get an average of 7 hours of restorative sleep each night, every night. NO takeaway or loss here (except for “DAYLIGHT SAVINGS time that is).

I talk to our kids and grandkids whenever possible.

I ask What would Abe Lincoln do?  Anything I face is a tiny SUCK to embrace compared to what he faced in leading a house divided!

With my felicity of age, I can subjectively state that 2020 is MUCH better than 1968 was!

I do try to live a Platinum Rule in which I try to treat another person as she or he wishes to be treated.

Though stubborn, I do try to listen these days more than I speak. Mom was right about my two ears, even with tinnitus rings, being superior to one mouth. She was also right when she reminded me that I could be wrong about something.

In my speechwriter days, I wrote an executive’s speech for a Navy SEAL graduation.  It was hard to skip penning: “the only easy day was yesterday.” And I really wanted to ghostwrite how important it was to make one’s bed. Admiral McRaven beat me to that legendary highlight 🙂

I DO try to give my bride and myself a hug every morning and do a GOOD morning stretch.

In a Vermonter’s terse way of celebration, I, like Robert Frost, can share that

“HAPPINESS makes in Height what it lacks in Length.”

Look up to the Happy Heights!

Be happy…seek the pleasures of a sustainable physical 401K…think Platinum… Don’t let any Bastards get you down.

Credit: Giphy.com


Koach Dave

If your Shoe Fits…

Folks like me encourage folks like you to take care of your feet. Why?

“More than three out of four Americans will suffer some kind of foot ailment in their lifetimes.”

ref: Harvard Health 

When homo sapiens went upright many moons ago, those appendages were barefoot. Flat sandals or mocassins served our predecessors reasonably well. These days as Dr, Seuss advised, we put Feet in our Shoes. Or, consider those grand feet painted by Da Vinci:

Credit: http://www.podiatristclinickent.co.uk/

Broken toes, plantar fasciitis, warts, and bone bruise experiences are footnotes, so to speak, in my own story. I also had a really nasty case of athlete’s foot – which unfortunately coincided with my two-week hike with the Boy Scouts in the New Mexico mountains. Talk about itchy-itchy, scratchy-scratchy!  I’ll bet a lost wages nickel that I’m not alone for foot issues acquired over one’s years.

Wait, wait – there are positive things to share about our footsies, I promise.

These imaged activities are assuredly better with good feet at play!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes, I had a practical and healthy reason for having that hiking boot in the Well Past Forty® corporate logo.

We are engineered to move on our feet – unless you are a Spiderman or a circus performer…Being Grounded to Tierra Firma has benefits too!

  • Yes, many many folks have lost toes or a foot or both feet. Prosthetics are amazing, and modern fitness extends to these adaptive athletes. And yes, there are many folks with hindered mobility. I remember some teens who were proud of their flat feet if those diagnoses changed Military DRAFT classifications. 

Let’s celebrate those footsy systems with aging skin, twenty-six bones, tens of muscles, and many connective tissues working in harmony, or being a real episodic or chronic PAIN… While we’re celebrating, let’s acknowledge that our feet tend to get flatter and wider as we age. Let’s acknowledge that our heels can crack and that ingrown toenails may happen more than when we were younger.

Keep in mind all life’s positives that our feet enable as a groundwork for taking positive care of them.

That is a thick tendon on the bottom of our foot between our heel and toes on each foot with the fancy name of Plantar Fascia (PF). When it’s aggravated or inflamed it becomes plantar fasciitis which can be a royal pain. I speak from experience that plantar fasciitis may take months and months to get past this troublesome inflammation. My remediation? I rolled my foot regularly [ morning and night]  with small hard balls, massaged them often. It took a lot to get my “PF”  limbered up daily because that bow-shaped tissue really isn’t one that stretches and changes shape very well. This problem – which affects millions – is worse when the person is overweight, has high foot arches, or played “plyometric” sports like basketball. Keep the faith.  Orthotics might help, yet insta-successes are few and far between. Toe manipulation and regular heel stretches can help.

Osteoarthritis and etc.

You may recall that our big Toes or Great toes have over-sized importance for balance and stability. Hold that thought, or refresh your knowledge from KABOOMER’s stability and stretching chapters

Do try to avert both Foot Boots and Crutches!               

You may know how some unlucky folks experience big toe arthritis – with fancy official names of hallux limitus or hallux rigidus.  Yes – cartilage in our toes can also degrade over time and with use (or with unfortunate inheritances or auto-immunity).

Then Bunions, Hammertoes, Shin splints, foot pain from Peripheral Neuropathy may be part of your past, present, or future “AGONY not ECSTACY”.

Ecstasy? Here’s nirvana pictured from a foot massage. I hope you’ve felt that “ahhhh” after a long hard upright day!

Credit https://www.pinterest.com/pin/402368547964947228/

If in discomfort or AGONY – a Doctor’s SHOE may Fit! If you see something like discoloration or feel that your feet aren’t right – perhaps a Podiatrist or someone from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, a sports podiatrist, or your General Practitioner.


a. you think you have a sprain or broken toe or non-trivial foot injury,

b. you note a change in toenail appearance toenails that can suggest fungal infections

c. you have abnormal discomfort after standing

d. you have heel pain or bottom of foot pain in the morning that may be a precursor to plantar fasciitis

e. the bottoms of your athletic shoes suggest irregular wear – you may be a pronator or supinator when striding

f. your feet have irregular swelling …

Avert denial or inactivity. 

For KABOOMERS who want to age well, do as HealthNewsToday dictates, “Make foot care a priority as you get older.”  End of the homily.  KABOOM.

/s/ Koach Dave



I Can See Clearly Now

With another musical icon's passage this past week, it seems just so to dwell on our EYES 
and their/our good ocular fortunes.  Here's to you, Johnny Nash, for your '72 upbeat lyrics. I was a college sophomore 
who had some clear sight to address through my military "birth control" glasses.  
I suppose my Mum still loved me. Yet those glasses were definitely NOT babe magnets!
NPR reported, forty years later, that Eyewear didn't have to be butt-ugly

Since 1990, glasses-wearing Navy recruits have been required to wear their standard-issue S9 eyeglasses through training.  Credit: NPR

to help our near-sighted servicemen and women on ship bridges, or rifle ranges.
Back to Johnny Nash's seeing clearly...
We are living far longer than paleo forbears, who to my knowledge, didn't wear RAYBANS 
on the plains.

- Many Boomers will get "easy peasy" elective day surgery to replace their free-radicalized
corneas after cataracts form.  
We lucky CALI residents certainly get our share of Ultraviolet (especially deeper UVA)rays 
which can prematurely damage our eyes!

So...what's a KABOOMER to do in order to see all obstacles in her or his way as we age?
Think Hats, quality Sunglasses, Micronutrients and lifestyle choice 
(as in Skip the Marlboro, MAN!).

Choice? Right!  
How many of these Mayo Clinic-listed Risk factors are related to personal choice?

Cataract Risk factors

  1. Increasing age (we Medicare-aged folks accept this factor graciously)
  2. Diabetes
  3. Excessive exposure to sunlight
  4. Smoking
  5. Obesity
  6. High blood pressure
  7. Previous eye injury or inflammation
  8. Previous eye surgery
  9. Prolonged use of corticosteroid medications
  10. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
I count Cataract Factors 2,3,4,5,6, and 10 as preventable, and/or modifiable behaviors to improve eye health.
Would you rather see images like the left side of this figure, or the right? DUH...
Some folks estimate that 30 Million! Americans - about 1 in 10 of us - DO NOT see clearly now!

Credit: CABVI "make sure you stay healthy, keep your eyes away from the sun, 
and make visits to an eye doctor once a year. Early detection means early treatment!

We know that limited time in our Great Outdoors is good to boost immunity (Vitamin D3) - yet recall Mae West...
Here's a great Check this real reminder from an Aurora Health writer of being smart and supporting Hat Shoppes too..  
Half of all Medicare-aged folks probably are starting their cloudy paths to 
cataracts as I blog!

That's a quickie reminder for broad hats, quality sunglasses (with sides protected too) and not playing dumb or dumber as a Darwin statistic.
To my last point about seeing clearly, and avoiding those darned free radicals caused by UVA rays and possibly environmeental factors too...
If you're running out of time - just eat plenty of colorful Vitamin P(lant).

Our Ears, in my opinion, are so valuable for quality of life 
(and supporting neuro-muscular balance via propioception) that I personally take "AGE RELATED EYE DISEASE" - 
or AREDS eye vitamins to better my Odds to counter macular degenerations and cataracts.

Please think about that!  These quality vitamins are NOT cheap, yet NEITHER is your VISION.

And in closing - get your EYE checkups each year, por favor!  Your EYE SIGHT is a true enabler for your PHYSICAL BANK ACCOUNT.  
Koach Dave

KABOOMERs: Coping Skills for What’s Eating Them

In any epoch, your life can get zany to the point of wanting to launch 
a Munch scream

Munch: The SCREAM British Museum Blog

Credit E. Munch:  The Scream British.Museum.Blog

I bet a tuppence [not the VP type of Pence] that our extended COVID and Presidential election 
epochs are maddening for you to a Nth degree.

What is a KABOOMER to Do?  How can she or he Cope?

=> Go on the Offensive

Coping Step 1: Start with a personal, candid subjective check of your current stressors and 
environment.  One solid way is to take this quiz, then adapt or adjust as you can.

Here are three more checks, as offered in KABOOMER: Chapter 6
A Personal Well-Being Survey: www.heartmath.org/resources/personal-well-being-survey This online Survey has 25 questions and only requires4-5 minutes to complete. I don’t want you to stress-out on this—just take it.
And try this Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory. Your free limited-use template is located at www.familyofmen.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/stress_scale.pdf.
What are bumming big deals and stressors for us?

At the top of our 2020 list is loss of a loved one or loss of your livelihood.

And, home-schooling of kids in two-career families in COVID can make parents scream too!

Coping Step 2: Know your internal adversary - You likely know some simple yet very hard theories of de-stressing and keepin’ on when factors beyond your control can really get you down.

Let us refresh on the definition of our coping adversary - STRESS:

“a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”

Coping Step 3: See or Feel Something…Do Something!

   I beg to differ slightly with folks, like author Austin Bay,  who suggest that you Embrace the SUCK – meaning that life can be and often is adverse or demanding, so deal with it.

Granted, life is hard. Isn’t avoiding or mitigating the SUCK superior to embracing it?

 Don’t get me wrong. Countering evil triggers and disease-related Chronic Stress is by no means as easy as 1-2-3.

Our Viable Stress Counters include: 
  1. Walks by Golden Pond – bonding with Mother Earth can promote Serenity and help you compartmentalize stressors.
- Hug a Tree instead of booting Fido when frustrated.
  1. Exercise (go ahead and scream at that punching bag or hoot at the end of a weightlifting set
  2. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet and try to limit alcohol – particularly post-dinner hour.
 - Don’t let what you eat contribute to what’s eating you!
  1. Adapt some type of mindful breathing and body flow exercise – perhaps YOGA or Qi Gong
De-stress with mindful YogaCredit: 15_vector_STRESS Not_Puzzle pieces_Fiverr
  1. Do not suffer in silence.
- You have a friend who can help you Chill or work through a SUCKy incident!
  1. Mimic Morpheus with restorative slumber. This is a TOP Priority.
 A KABOOMER’s summary offense/defense/special team pictorial can be viewed @:
15_vector_STRESS Not_Puzzle pieces_Fiverr

If we think of Coping Saws which, with skillful use, adjust and adapt to changing carpentry surfaces, 

we might see a metaphor for adjusting to adverse triggers which face us.

What does this KABOOMER do to Cope?  

Well, the classic UP ON THE ROOF song by James Taylor helped me get through demerits and restriction at the Naval Academy.

 Lord knows I’ve played that ballad and hummed it (recalling that humming is good for our Vagus nerve) too many times to count in 2020.   

I stay away from nightcaps, move to sweat, and try to please my Gut.  A little solitude and even worship has worked, too!

I do my best to sense and respond, or get more than a gentle prompt from my Bride if I appear hassled.

Now, recall, from KABOOMER what Hans Selye asserted about Stress
[whether triggers are from Fight, Flight, adverse temperatures, the Suck, Friction or Pandemic

“Stress doesn’t kill you.  It’s your reaction to it.”

Hans Selye

This theoretical Doctor of Stress promoted a three-step framework, a Classical GAS, so to speak,

to depict human reactions to chronic, non-specific or Fight/Flight stressors of life:
  1. Alarm Reaction
  2. Bodily Resistance
  3. Exhaustion.
How we react or adapt to a mental, and/or physical stressor

is predicated on many, many hormonally-triggered secretions and results.

Clearly, we wish to minimize chronic exhaustion if we can.

When merited, Defense is superior to Disease as an after effect, if our many Sense and Respond signals are working for us, rather than against us.

And, our Defenses need to be body-wide. 

We MUST manage Stress to keep it from chronic drip, drip, drip of elevated Cortisol which can lead to disease.

Go on the offensive, sidestep or rope-a-dope the SUCK.

Yes, you can!

Be well and try to be UNbeatable like this elder British gent,

Koach Dave