Relish Roller-coaster Rides

Okay, that title may not be your amusement park thrill – at first blush.  Bear with me as I encourage you to strap in, tighten your core, and experience natural “Gs” rather than political gravity.

Wait, wait, for some entertaining Highs and Lows on this wild ride. Those are a classic Lirty Dies parody from the Capitol Steps,

“We’ve seen the lies, we’ve seen the hoes.

We’ve always said, butt could be wetter?”

What Could be Better?

If you are like me, you’ve already seen, heard, and read about de-stressing and chilling hacks to get through uncertain times like these.  Without being flippant, I start my Roller Coaster amusement ride with an acknowledgment that little besides gravity, mortality, and taxes are inevitable.  Taxes may rise in 2021, yet we’ll evitably dodge mortality with consistent habitual actions that boost our physical bank accounts. And earthly gravity keeps all but astronauts grounded!

Let’s review habitual hacks to resurrect kid-like delight over pleasures like a blue sky or crimson twilight. Perhaps walking in bare feet in the long, cool grass. Now, that’s a fine way to get grounded, literally. Or spinning around until you get dizzy, or drawing a silly cartoon or face painting.  And definitely try to chuckle till you buckle, even when skies are grey for the communal betterment of compadres and you too…

How? Here are some exemplars of how to enjoy those cyclical lies and hoes:

  1. When Snoopy wasn’t winning his dogfight with the Red Baron, he was victoriously laughing in the face of adversity:

Credit pinterest

2. Ricky Gervais tweeted a similar theme in 2018,

“If you can laugh in the face of adversity, you’re bullet-proof. Have a great day.”

And 3. A young Lion King offered a similar stance when he faced Disneyan adversity. Simba wasn’t quite ready to expertly gain control, yet you gotta like his moxie!

laugh in face of danger

Credit Giphy

Plus, Simba had compadres who offered him Hakuna Mutata* – as a Swahili phrase of relevance!

  • Win with Humor.
  • Be Bullet-proof.
  • Sidestep Troubles mindfully.

“*There are No Troubles”

Writer Jason Zwieg addressed control, doubt, and troubled decision-making in today’s Wall Street Journal:

“You should also ask yourself whether some of your own certainties about investing might be just as wrong… Impetuous decisions won’t give you control.”

Zwieg wasn’t describing KABOOMER life choices directly.

Yet circumstantially his offering has merit to us who thrive and strive in bad times and good.

Let’s check our own “certainties” about our physical bank account investments.

Are we certain that Stress isn’t Stealing?

And let’s revisit the interesting adjective “impetuous” that Zwieg used…

  • acting or done quickly and without thought or care
  • moving forcefully or rapidly.

Noting that impetuous is not impulsive, I really like the secondary meaning of forceful and rapid movement – just like a roller coaster ride!

There are surely things we can’t control – in election weeks or on roller coasters.  Yet… there is still plenty we can address and control!


Self-check your certainties – might they be off the mark?

Seek out your Compadres and sing Swahili.

Generate forceful Motion as Medicine.

Be kid-like and scream, P R N (as necessary).

Do not let Stress Steal from your hard-earned physical bank!

As Ricky Gervais tweeted, have a great day!

Stay well past forty,

Koach Dave

How ‘Bout them Apples?

We just returned from an Apple Hill visit with bags of “local” organic apples. I found a new snacking favorite – the Arkansas Black treat!

Them Apples 😊 got me thinking and blogging about the health and wellness benefits of these symbolic and tasty fruits.

Sure, you might have an occasional “bad apple”,

or tried to make sense of “Apples and Oranges”, but

You likely remember from your yesterdays, a rhyme like this:

    “Eat an apple on going to bed and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.”

As a wellness coach, I resonate with both that rhyme and this JAMA research finding:

“The small fraction of US adults who eat an apple a day do appear to use fewer prescription medications.”

Woot! As you may have read in KABOOMER, I advocate natural alternatives to POLYPHARMACY [which is taking of two or more medicines over time] when possible.

I hope that you might be as alarmed as I am, IF AARP studies are valid which suggests that most Medicare-aged folks are polypharmacy users.

“over 80 percent take at least two prescription drugs and over 50 percent take four or more.

African American and low-income individuals tend to take more medications.” 

How ‘Bout them Apples?

I contend that even a few percent higher Avoidance of Service makes an out-sized difference in Medicare bills, as suggested by this JAMA graph:


Credit: JAMA Intern Med. 2015 May 1; 175(5): 777–783.

  • Who doesn’t want to keep a doctor away- unless you’re romantically linked to one?
  • Who doesn’t want to skip a trip to the pharmacy for prescription medications?

One might wonder why only 1 in 10 Americans eat apples. I am sure that the American Apple Association does!

I know that the AARP health lobby does too!

My own wonderment is founded on the bounteous Health Benefits of Apples as shared here:

 It is sad yet true that higher “GI” variants like Applesauce and Apple juice have higher usage among Americans.

  • Can we spell Insulin insensitivities? Or Diabetes?

Sure, Adam and Eve had a little issue over one garden’s forbidden fruit.
Credit: Giphy

And Sleeping Beauty fell victim (temporarily) to that evil Witch’s forbidden fruit.

And, if you ate way too many apple cores with their seeds, you might consume too much cyanide.


Let’s shift over to the much more interesting and modern plusses of An Apple a Day:

A medium-sized apple of almost any variety is:

  1. Low calorie
  2. Fairly cheap (~$2.00 per pound)
  3. Low glycemic index (GI),
  4. Good source for healthy soluble fiber,
  5. Wonderful source of micro-nutrients and phytonutrients/antioxidants like Vitamin C /polyphenols, and
  6. 75 percent of your 2-cup minimum daily requirement for fruit.


Ergo, depending on the individual – an apple eater “may” be very good for one’s:

√ Weight Loss

√ Heart Health and Bone Density (Antioxidants and polyphenol effects)

√ Insulin Sensitivity

√ Lower blood pressure – possibly negating the prescription for statins

  • Apples vs. Statins?

√ Prebiotic effects for Gut Health (don’t forget time-tested merits of organic Apple Cider Vinegar)

√ Reduced Stroke Risk

√ Lowered Risk for some Cancers

√ Lowered risks for age-related mental decline.
What if rodent results correlated to human results? “Researchers who fed elderly rats whole apples found that a marker of the rats’ memory was restored to the level of younger rats.”

Fall for This!

Autumn is a fine season for crisp, whole fruit apple consumption.

That is a shout-out to the MINORITY of Adults who chase brain and body immortality (and/or love) with apples yet without serpents or witches present.

As a safety closer, even organic apples may have collected pesticides on their skin.  As Apple Skins have a goodly percentage of the apple’s fiber and phytonutrients,

=> Please soak your apples in a baking soda-water mix, as just rubbing, or washing ‘em in water doesn’t dispatch those pesticides.

Credit: Giphy

Be well, and munch away!

Koach Dave


KABOOMERs: Coping Skills for What’s Eating Them

In any epoch, your life can get zany to the point of wanting to launch 
a Munch scream

Munch: The SCREAM British Museum Blog

Credit E. Munch:  The Scream British.Museum.Blog

I bet a tuppence [not the VP type of Pence] that our extended COVID and Presidential election 
epochs are maddening for you to a Nth degree.

What is a KABOOMER to Do?  How can she or he Cope?

=> Go on the Offensive

Coping Step 1: Start with a personal, candid subjective check of your current stressors and 
environment.  One solid way is to take this quiz, then adapt or adjust as you can.

Here are three more checks, as offered in KABOOMER: Chapter 6
A Personal Well-Being Survey: This online Survey has 25 questions and only requires4-5 minutes to complete. I don’t want you to stress-out on this—just take it.
And try this Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory. Your free limited-use template is located at
What are bumming big deals and stressors for us?

At the top of our 2020 list is loss of a loved one or loss of your livelihood.

And, home-schooling of kids in two-career families in COVID can make parents scream too!

Coping Step 2: Know your internal adversary - You likely know some simple yet very hard theories of de-stressing and keepin’ on when factors beyond your control can really get you down.

Let us refresh on the definition of our coping adversary - STRESS:

“a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”

Coping Step 3: See or Feel Something…Do Something!

   I beg to differ slightly with folks, like author Austin Bay,  who suggest that you Embrace the SUCK – meaning that life can be and often is adverse or demanding, so deal with it.

Granted, life is hard. Isn’t avoiding or mitigating the SUCK superior to embracing it?

 Don’t get me wrong. Countering evil triggers and disease-related Chronic Stress is by no means as easy as 1-2-3.

Our Viable Stress Counters include: 
  1. Walks by Golden Pond – bonding with Mother Earth can promote Serenity and help you compartmentalize stressors.
- Hug a Tree instead of booting Fido when frustrated.
  1. Exercise (go ahead and scream at that punching bag or hoot at the end of a weightlifting set
  2. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet and try to limit alcohol – particularly post-dinner hour.
 - Don’t let what you eat contribute to what’s eating you!
  1. Adapt some type of mindful breathing and body flow exercise – perhaps YOGA or Qi Gong
De-stress with mindful YogaCredit: 15_vector_STRESS Not_Puzzle pieces_Fiverr
  1. Do not suffer in silence.
- You have a friend who can help you Chill or work through a SUCKy incident!
  1. Mimic Morpheus with restorative slumber. This is a TOP Priority.
 A KABOOMER’s summary offense/defense/special team pictorial can be viewed @:
15_vector_STRESS Not_Puzzle pieces_Fiverr

If we think of Coping Saws which, with skillful use, adjust and adapt to changing carpentry surfaces, 

we might see a metaphor for adjusting to adverse triggers which face us.

What does this KABOOMER do to Cope?  

Well, the classic UP ON THE ROOF song by James Taylor helped me get through demerits and restriction at the Naval Academy.

 Lord knows I’ve played that ballad and hummed it (recalling that humming is good for our Vagus nerve) too many times to count in 2020.   

I stay away from nightcaps, move to sweat, and try to please my Gut.  A little solitude and even worship has worked, too!

I do my best to sense and respond, or get more than a gentle prompt from my Bride if I appear hassled.

Now, recall, from KABOOMER what Hans Selye asserted about Stress
[whether triggers are from Fight, Flight, adverse temperatures, the Suck, Friction or Pandemic

“Stress doesn’t kill you.  It’s your reaction to it.”

Hans Selye

This theoretical Doctor of Stress promoted a three-step framework, a Classical GAS, so to speak,

to depict human reactions to chronic, non-specific or Fight/Flight stressors of life:
  1. Alarm Reaction
  2. Bodily Resistance
  3. Exhaustion.
How we react or adapt to a mental, and/or physical stressor

is predicated on many, many hormonally-triggered secretions and results.

Clearly, we wish to minimize chronic exhaustion if we can.

When merited, Defense is superior to Disease as an after effect, if our many Sense and Respond signals are working for us, rather than against us.

And, our Defenses need to be body-wide. 

We MUST manage Stress to keep it from chronic drip, drip, drip of elevated Cortisol which can lead to disease.

Go on the offensive, sidestep or rope-a-dope the SUCK.

Yes, you can!

Be well and try to be UNbeatable like this elder British gent,

Koach Dave


Rings and Things

Ah, our cooler CALI mornings are wonderful for this morning workout guy. We find a lot of noise in the news about climate change and it’s good noise. Life is constantly changing, so I’m not surprised that 7 billion people impact this fragile earth, our island home as a prayer recites…

We fortuitously find ourselves alive to start another wonderful day to extend our journey towards stamininety. Today’s topic is KABOOMER rings and things. But first, I’ll stand in for Angie Dickinson’s healthy commercials of yesteryear. Would Angie’s body or I lie to you ???

Happy National Avocado Day for fans of natural, healthy fatty acids and micronutrients!

Pictured below is Food for Thought, so to speak:

Rings and Things?  Huh, you ask?

I promised to share what I wear for workouts and most activities of daily life. You might also be ingterested in what I think and do as habit on own journey.

I have NO vested interest in any product or service of which I write.  Honest!  You read this is KABOOMER, which I feel is worth being redundant, redundant.  Fitness and Wellness DO NOT have to be Expensive.  Grab a towel, a non-plastic water bottle and then Move to Sweat! Six Days a week.

I am just trying to let you know these are pretty darn good products. Gear and Products which may save you a little time and effort in your own market research. Research for:

  1. workout gear
  2. smartphone applications
  3. special items  – a new Apple watch, a Fitbit or Oura ring… or Whoop, or…

Oura rings are worn by National Basketball Association players who obviously are very, very concerned about germs and quality of sleep and trends and habits for fitness and wellness.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some Tour de France riders have Oura rings or like devices so that they can monitor the quality of their limited sleep as they overtrain on those staged Hills of Belgium, France, and maybe Spain [I forget which stage is which country].

A marvelous device[IMO]. And, as you might expect, the company homepage speaks of IMMUNITY boosting (and other actionable habits!)

I wear one, per the strong “Gladiator” recommendation of Dan Nitro Clark,

I’m not asking you to go buy one. For one reason, they’re not cheap [though the sticker shock is tantamount to the cheaper Apple Watch SE which just launched]. Yet, insight for my restorative deep sleep patterns and very important training feedback for critical heart rate variability is, I believe, a step above the knowledge that you can gain from some other products.  CAVEAT EMPTOR.

In full and open disclosure, our two wonderful kids nicely gave me a Fitbit watch for a Father’s Day present in 2019.

I wear my Fitbit VERSA with pride. I do use its data and some alarms occasionally. If a watch or smartphone application helps you to move every fifteen minutes – then GREAT!   As the adage goes, an APP doesn’t do the stretch fer ya!

Yet, whatever it may take to get you into periodic: upward-facing dog or Good morning, or a Quad stretch. Or perhaps practice some mindful deep breathing if a Zoom meeting is driving you a little bit batty.

I also share that there are many useful smartphone applications and laptop or tablet applications. Each to her or his own.        I certainly would encourage folks to check freebies first. For instance  – I find that my FitBit watch does not always give an accurate measure of my heartbeat when I am in training. Sometimes it’ll be 2 for three beats. Sometimes just one counted for two actual beats. So,  will always back up what you see on a digital display with your own feedback from your body!  There is a freebie smartphone version of “Instant” HEART RATE (Azumio) which uses a phone’s camera for HR. And there are plenty more.  All you really need to check HR – at an exercise break is a carotid artery, two fingers, and a watch with second hand or a seconds function.  Count your HR for 10 seconds and multiply by 6. Presto – HR!

Like me, you may occasionally sense that a HEART RATE reading isn’t right – based on knowledge and awareness of exertion level.   The best way to accurately monitor heart rate is to use a chest strap.  Yes, the circum-chest band is a little bothersome. I don’t focus on the OURA ring for my heart rate measures during workouts. My ring is not obtrusive. But it may irritate my ring finger partner digits slightly.  And, one shouldn’t wear this great Ring for barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell workouts – even though its shell is titanium.


As Doctor Seuss might suggest, my feet are spreading is I grow older and hopefully as I stand more than “evil” sitting with dormant butt syndrome. Not getting narrower so I definitely want to make sure that the toe boxes of my workout shoes and comfort shoes are big enough. Wiggle room to wiggle your toes. Certainly, you want the proper arch support to hopefully stave off a terrible thing that happens to many of us -plantar fascitis. You’ll know it if you get it, unfortunately, and probably for an extended timeframe of MONTHS! “PI” can pain you for six to nine months!

Hey folks- there are times when I say find a professional. IF you have even an inkling of plantar fasciitis or shin splints from moving on sloping or hard surfaces. Or perhaps your running shoes are a little bit old.

=> please go see a professional! Me? I’m hopefully done with “my” first hand “PI” – fer good!

I usually wear Adidas shoes for indoor rowing, weightlifting, and casual times. In n full and open disclosure, our son is an Adidas employee as he works for Reebok.

I get to try some of the anti-wicking workout clothes that Reebok offers and I wear them with pride such as at the Crash B event. Again, with nothing to gain, I offer you what is comfortable for me.

You want to be comfortable in your workouts and each to his or her own yet.

You are always welcomed to contact me about attire and gear – A contact form is offered below.  KABOOM.

National Read a BOOK Day – hint

I trust that you are a tad cooler than I am in sweltering San Diego for this holiday weekend.

Seeing 111 degrees F. on our mercuric sensors gave me an “out” from mowing our lawn.  Whew in more ways than one.  I feel the temperature rising as Elvis sang so well.  Or, the Lovin’ Spoonfuls in 1966:

Today does seem like a near-perfect day to grab a paperback or eBOOK (hint).  As R. Bacon advised, some books are to be devoured.

Audio Listener?

You’ll be able to listen to eight exciting hours of genuine tips and tricks to help you build your STAMININETY.

If you’ve snagged a KABOOMER copy from a neighborhood library, a friend, B&N, GOODREADS, or that little bookstore – AMAZON – I appreciate your investment of time to submit a candid review.  Your appreciated feedback helps others see if the KABOOMER Movement is for them.  Speaking of Joining the Movement, if you’d like weekly wellness and fitness tips, you can text “WP40” to shortcode # 41259.  KABOOM.

Surely, Thriving and Striving into our Nineties takes a bit of work.  Yet, your viable, sustaining physical portfolio will have an impressive RETURN on INVESTMENT for your time and talent.

Here’s that refresher PHYSICAL BANK Account to which Muddy Waters alluded:



Drink before thirst, listen to your body, and stay WELL PAST FORTY.



“M.S.” – yet probably not the M.S. you think I’m blogging


Multiple Sclerosis is a relevant human condition for our Well Past Forty Project which merits mention – and I’ll take that for action.

A Master of Science graduate degree?  Not “that” M.S.”

“M.S.” as the subject of this post, is a rather ominous sounding condition for far too many folks – METABOLIC SYNDROME.

Too many Americans – as in three (3) million each year become part of this infographic’s terrible statistics (Thank you, Dr. Axe).  OY!

And, if age 60 is indeed the new 40, we’ve got a major societal problem.

MSY_DrAxe infographic


Aussies label Metabolic Syndrome as “CHAOS” – for good reason! “It affects one in five people, and prevalence increases with age. Some studies estimate the prevalence in the USA to be up to 25% of the population.”

Are there markers for  a “3 outta 5” cluster on which your Primary Care Physician will alert?

Definitely – review entries in this American Heart Association table for five (5) possible eye-opener ELEVATIONS or epiphanies:

  1. Elevated waist circumference:
  • Men — Equal to or greater than 40 inches (102 cm)
  • Women — Equal to or greater than 35 inches (88 cm)
  • (I’ll blog more about pear- and apple-shaped silhouettes in a future post – visceral and subcutaneous fat locations matter!)

2. Elevated triglyceride levels:

  • Equal to or greater than 150 mg/dL

3. Reduced HDL (“good”) cholesterol:

  • Men — Less than 40 mg/dL
  • Women — Less than 50 mg/dL

4. Elevated blood pressure:

  • Equal to or greater than 130/85 mm Hg, or use of medication for hypertension

5. Elevated fasting glucose:

  • Equal to or greater than 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L), or use of medication for hyperglycemia

(Our American Diabetes Association is in stride with these AHA markers above).

Americans – We HAVE MAJOR PROBLEMS here!

Is there hope for millions of us?  It depends, regrettably.

If a person chooses to break away from CHAOS, a statistical answer is YES                            (if and when he or she complies with lifestyle, diet and fitness improvements). offers these simple unmedicated steps to counter MS:

metabolicsyndromeremedies_organic facts dot net

It is NOT my intent to advocate any of these remedies.

YET…prudent people may wish to check some MS remedies out, (as they stay in touch with their MDs/ health care professionals).

In closing, here is my 3-M big bet for current and future sufferers of MS in this national pandemic:

  1. Medications which may be prescribed / required :(.
  2. Move! 
  3. Minimize portions, maximize low-glycemic foods in healthier diets.

This MS – aka SYMPTOM X, or CHAOS is far scarier than Friday the 13th horror movies, in my opinion.

Be well.