Rational Numbers

Some of us may remember that our mathematics teachers labeled PI, or 3.1415… as an IRrational number.

Happy belated PI Day, by the way.

Pi Day Bill NyeCredit: Bill Nye

And, on a public safety note, these first days after DAYLIGHT SAVING changes can be unhealthy ones.  Do not underestimate the importance of circadian rhythms on your health!

The good folks at OURA Ring offer these very useful “DST” wellness hacks after the time machine tricks played by all states except Hawaii and Arizona.

…  Please DO consider ’em!

Is it irrational for 48 states to extend this circadian-rhythm-busting artificiality?  My tuppence is affirmative...

Energy saving for World War I efforts is a bit dated as a premise for 2021 energies.

We’ve always done it that way?!

This platitude is plainly IRrational for your physical banking efforts, too!

A rational, numbers-based plan to improve one’s physical banking account is simple, hard, YET eminently doable.

In a spirit of rational numbers – PLEASE reflect on your current FITNESS or GYM Age and these important longevity factors.

  • Can you walk a mile faster than your age-group peers?
  • How is your Sit-Reach Flexibility?
  • Can you balance on one straight leg with eyes closed for at least 15 seconds?
  • What is your measured Grip strength?
  • What is your lung capacity and how quickly can you exhale most of your inhaled air?
  • Can you Sit to Rise without using your hands?

If you ARE where you want to be- KUDOS!

If you are not in a rational and viable fitness place on your journey, please reach out to your fitness professional, or contact me for your complimentary fitness orientation.  KABOOM.

I’m wearing RED this Friday for Heart Health awareness

Our short February is a month of many “National” awareness campaigns, such as National Black History Month.

Today’s blog focus, now that we got past Ground Hog’s Day, is for February as National Heart Health Month, or American Heart Month.

‘Tis truly amazing that this four-chambered muscular pump may do its magic several billion times in our lives.

What’s the Big Deal?

“Cardio” problems are the tragic, top Morbidity cause for Americans. This is true, even in our pandemic age of SARS viruses and co-morbidity…

Please note: “heart diseases are LARGELY preventable.”

Sadly, our American killing field of Heart Disease is unlevel.  Two statistical [2018] examples of canted cardio-deaths are:

  1. Males suffer more heart diseases than females.
  2. African Americans die from heart disease more frequently than Whites.


As your Koach, I try to set an example of healthy heart living, with NO Smoking, exercise, clean eating, and de-stressing as much as humanly possible whatever life throws me.  Recall from KABOOMER that Diets are a leading cause of death in America,  Double Oy.

Both my Mom had Dad had congestive heart failures which accelerated their funerals. It is very likely that you too know someone near and dear whose heart health was sub-par.

Simple to say, yet regrettably hard to change our inherited or ingrained ways.  Yet, yes we can as this dual NIH graphic suggests!

Heart Health is critical to your KABOOMER physical Banking for increased stamina and “stayin’ alive.”

I’ll close with this:

Be well, stay safe, and honor your”Pump.”


Koach Dave